Kiralama Koşulları Kiralama Koşulları 5100


Terms & Conditions

Drivers  & Minimum Age : 

 It is compulsory to hold and be able to produce a valid National or International Driving Licence. (must have held a valid driver's licence minimum 2 years.) Drivers must be a minimum of 21 years of age for cars and 25 for  and minibuses. Our rental agreement includes 2 main drivers free of charge.

Mileage : 

 Unless it is stated, unlike many other companies, unlimited mileage is included in our rates.

Full insurance (CDW,HTW )with no excess.

In case of accident or damage to the vehicle;You  will not be  charged   if the following procedure has been  followed.

1. You have to immediately inform the ENES RENT A CAR .
2. In case of an accident you have to contact the police and take a written report. In Turkey  you also need to contact the police even for minor damage. You need to get a damage report and a police report. When you pick up your rental car, please ask for this information!
3. In the event of an accident, the vehicle must not be moved until the Traffic Police or Jandarma arrive. Do not attempt to move the vehicle even if it is blocking a route. 
4. When you return the car you have also to make a damage report with our representative.


 Legal responsibilities resulting from traffic violations incurred during the rental period must be paid by the renter. Sometimes these are paid on-the-spot, however, occasionally they are sent by post. In this instance, any traffic penalty incurred during the rental period but after the client has left the country, will be charged to you and you will be informed by e-mail.


For each full hour the charge is 1/3 of the daily rate.  If it exceeds 3 hours then it will be counted as an extra day



Vehicles are  provided with  at least  ¼  of a tank to get you on your way.
On signing over the vehicle, the amount of fuel included will be noted on the hire agreement and it is the responsibility of the client to return the vehicle with the same amount of petrol.